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Is your website still heading in the right direction?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Both visitors and search engines have become more demanding of the experience and content that is offered by websites.


If articles containing information on things like search engine optimization (SEO), responsive design, mobile responsiveness and other tech terms sometimes seem more having an enema rather than actual advice, you are not alone.


But... It's probably time you conduct that ever so important website audit to determine what needs to be altered in order to make your site perform better.


Owning a website is no longer
a simple activity.

Here's the checklist!

  • Can your site be accessed through mobile devices?

  • Does the site lack content.

  • Is the design of your site user friendly or simply put; visitors shouldn't need a map or manual in to use the site

  • Is the design overwhelming, with too many questions or requests for too much private information.

  • Is the Branding consistent?  Everything from the color to typography should speak of the character of your brand.


These are just some of the many things that you must check when  carrying out a website audit.

The Good News!

You don't have to go it alone.
You could seek expert help!


WOW! You just found it, sg2Media, of course, and we are ready to help accelerate your company's growth.


Call us for more information and what options are available for giving your customer the web  experience they deserve by updating your website.


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Pressing News

A safer alternative!

The Good News!

Friday, May 6, 2016

A data breach on Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail has exposed usernames and passwords for  some 273.3 million accounts, which have fallen victim to the data breach. Security expert Alex Holden of Hold Security is encouraging everyone to change their passwords immediately.

To take on hacking groups that are well resourced and highly sophisticated, Brain Kelly, Chief Security Officer of Rackspace, relies on his military training to turn the tide in favor of the good guys.

He describes his efforts to secure Rackspace’s network as “defending the homeland” and has organized the company in a military fashion, following the principle of unity of command, which Kelly said can be transferred directly from the physical battlefield to cyberspace when an attack takes place: “Within a company it needs to be very clear who the incident commander is, and all the other executives have to understand that they have to stand down and trust that the incident commander is going to lead them through this incident.”

Sites hosted by sg2 media are already on the Rackspace servers.


If you feel it is time to change to a professional, almost scam-free
(no kidding) email account we are here for you. Changing your current emails over to the new account is simple, and pain-free.


Call us for more information and what options are available for saving your website.


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Brian Kelly Chief Security Officer of Rackspace
Photo: Rackspace

Pressing News

The sky is not Falling!

The Good News!

Google recently announced a major update that will affect how websites show up in the Google search. If your website is non mobile-friendly (responsive) it will rank lower in the results queue of a Google search.


Responsive websites are equally friendly to desktops, tablet, laptops and Mobile devices.

If you received any emails stating "urgent reminder to get one
(a responsive website) before it's too late..." No worries, the sky is not falling!


sg2 media can provide high quality search results that are optimized for all devices.

If you are reading this and have no idea what it is all about – it's probably time to upgrade your website.


sg2 media can help get you and your website back on track – without all the drama!


Call us for more information and what options are available for saving your website.


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